Our next monthly ministerial fellowship meeting on Wednesday August 7th is "ANNUAL BBQ"You and your summer interns (or other staff) are sincerely invited to join us!
* Please click here to RSVP by Sunday, July 28th, to help us prepare accordingly.

When? Wednesday August 7th (10 am - 1230 pm)
What? 10 am welcome
10:30AM small group sharing
1130 am bbq lunch

Where? East Toronto Chinese Baptist Church (22 Carnforth Road, Toronto, M4A 2K7 map)
How much? $10/person (we will cover the cost of food you bought, pls keep receipt)




BOOK BUFFET TABLE - Feel free to bring some Christian books that you've read, liked and that you'd want to share with others; and feel free to pick whatever appeals to you on the table.

If you're interested in leading worship or playing any instrument in any future meeting, please contact Howard.


  1. Please complete this Survey for networking and support.
  2. ESCM Membership: If you would like to register for membership (3 consecutive meetings of attendance is required) please email us and we will send you the necessary form. Please also notify Dr. Randall Mah <randall_mah@hotmail.com> so he can be your reference. It'll take about a month or two.
  3. TCEMF Directories: http://www.tcemf.org/wps/tcemf-directory/ Directories will now be updated every month instead of every year. If any changes for your church/organization or yourself, please contact Kelvin Fung @ tcemf@tcemf.org
  4. Concerning the Chosen People (Aug. 16-17) POSTER
  5. Good Work Conference 2019 (Nov. 23 ) POSTER, REGISTER ONLINE AT: cbmin.org/goodwork

ESCM stands for "English-Speaking Chinese Ministerial" Fellowship. We also hope ESCM stands for E=Encouraging, S=Supportive, C=Caring, M=Mutual Ministerial Fellowship! Oh, yeah, with Development, Growth, and Fun at the core of the monthly ESCM Gatherings too! We are part of the Toronto Chinese Evangelical Ministerial Fellowship. We gather to worship, pray, and commit our lives & ministries to God.